Friday, March 13, 2015

March 7th, 2015... a local lake...

I took a walk around a local lake... another beautiful day outside. We have had spring weather for the last 6 weeks or so with a bit of snow in between.

Canada Geese

Northern Flicker Woodpeckers

Random Nature

March 4th, 2015... Jessie's birthday...

Jessie turned 14 and here are a few photos of his big day.

This was a package of corn pops, one of his favorite treats.

2 of the boxes were just 2 halves of a mini wheats family size box. He loves to go in his drawer and chew boxes for hours.

And this was a jolly ball... he is not too sure about it yet, we are going slow and playing with the toys on the bottom... hopefully one day he'll like it lol

February 12th, 2015... Walking around a local wildlife park...

Today my friend Kiri and I walked around 2 connected wildlife areas... it was just beautiful!

One lone cow up in the hills lol

February 8th, 2015... the Calgary Zoo with a friend...

This trip was very unplanned... my friend Kiri and I were driving around looking for Elk, we only found 5 deer in a field, far away and it was so windy. Then we decided to drive towards Calgary to see if we could see any mountains. 

Then we were close so we decided to hit the zoo. We only spent an hour and a half at the zoo. It was beautiful but still quite chilly!

Bighorn Sheep & Alpine Ibex

Rocky Mountain Goat

Owl & Hawk Aviary

Taveta Golden Weavers

Golden-Breasted Starlings

So stinkin' cute!

I love giraffes... my favorite zoo animal!

Meerkats with babies
The babies were wrestling... so cute!

Have you ever seen a hippo poop up close... what a traumatic experience LOL

Red River Hogs

The view from both sides of a bridge we walk over to get to the animals.

A few wild birds

We don't get them here, so when I see them I love to take photos!

Cool water feature.

Then on our way home... we kept our eyes open looking for hawks and owls, and we were lucky enough to see 3 male snowy owls. I had never seen a snowy owl in the wild and it was so exciting!

The 1st male Snowy Owl

The 2nd male Snowy Owl

The 3rd male Snowy Owl
This guy flew to the other side of the street, and then as we were about to leave he took off and circled and flew right towards us and back to the other side of the street. So cool. We didn't stay long with them but took a lot of photos. 

The sun setting.

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