Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Travel Journal: IRELAND

A co-worker left to go to a new job and as a goodbye present I made her this travel journal, she will be spending some time in Ireland this year...

The cover is cardboard that I revealed the corrugated cardboard around the edges of Ireland, I then glued a piece of map scrapbook in the shape of Ireland on to it. Ireland is on the part of the map but not clearly visible. Just thought it would be cool. Then used a piece of chain split in two to dangle to charms.

Travel themed stickers.

A few tags.

Travel themed stickers.

Small tags

Project life printable journaling cards from the internet.

A few extra envelopes for saving small items.
The paper clips on the pages were just holding the glue and can be 
removed and used somewhere else in the journal.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Visit to the local greenhouses... year 3 - Part 3 of 3

For the 3rd year and a row, my friend Carol and I went and visited the 3 local greenhouses on May 21st, 2014. This year was even more fun as she now has a camera of her own. She bought my old camera when I upgraded.

It was a gorgeous day... 18 Celsius / 64 Fahrenheit. Inside the green houses we were so hot, and the butterfly gardens were even hotter. My friend couldn't even go in lol We were out and about for 5 hours.

I have broken this post up into 3 parts as I took so many pictures.

Part 3

The Butterfly Gardens
This place is beautiful inside, not only does it have butterflies, but there are a ton of finches flying free, koi in the ponds, turtles, plus a few tiny button quail running around, they were too fast and behind the bushes. lol

This butterfly landed on me, guess it liked the color of my shirt! 

The Petting Zoo
There were 2 adorable chickens. And I believe they are Dorking chicks.

The Rescue Parrots
The blue & gold macaw & umbrella cockatoo were having a blast chewing this planter to pieces. lol Also a bare eyed cockatoo, cockatiel and a budgie!

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